“Out of Love have created something to get really excited about in a time where excitement is hard to come by.”


Following a tantalising drip feeding of singles, London punks Out Of Love’s debut EP I Am Not Me is now out in its entirety. Offering four tracks chock full of dirty riffs, huge melodies and sardonic turns of phrase in just nine minutes, Out of Love have created something to get really excited about in a time where excitement is hard to come by.

From the moment you press play it’s very obvious that this band like Drug Church. They really really like Drug Church. Opening track S.L.U.M.P could easily have been a B-Side from Drug Church’s 2018 album Cheer (albeit with a distinctly British charm), with vocalist Jack Rogers belting out an account of the pressures of growing up that veers between the sarcastic and the apathetic. Lines like I’m 25 and still living at home, i’m a joke, joke, joke” whilst ostensibly bleak on the surface are delivered with tongue firmly in cheek and one eyelid clamped tightly shut.

Out Of Love release new single 'I Am Not Me' and music video shot ...

Third track All Grown Up clocks in at just under 90 seconds and injects some serious pace to the record whilst not sacrificing an ounce of the melodic mastery present on the other tracks. The track ends with a half-time almost breakdown that you’d be hard pressed to not bang your head at least a little bit to. 

Since Gnarwolves went on hiatus a few years ago, there’s been a real lack of genuinely fun British punk bands, the type of bands that you can get your mates together to go and see, have a few beers and sing until your throat hurts, the main hook on title track I Am Not Me I think I’ve lost my mind, but I like it” is a prime example. With another couple of EPs or an album of this quality, Out of Love could quite comfortably be that band. In all, I Am Not Me is about as good as it gets for a debut EP and if its quality is any indication of where Out of Love go next, we could well be in for something very special.


Drug Church | Gnarwolves | The Dirty Nil