‘Winchester keep the listener on their toes. You never know what is around the corner.’


Somewhere in a terrifying dystopian hellscape in the not-so-far future, Winchester find themselves traipsing the land searching for answers – and the answer is their newest release ‘Into You’.

After releasing ‘Life Begins At These Dead Ends’ in 2018 ,the Cardiff/Bristol outfit are spending plenty of time on stage, having recently supported the likes of Loathe and Chapter and Verse.

‘Into You’ begins with an eerie set up, a single distorted voice fades in and begins to tell the post-apocalyptic story of the track. This quickly morphs into a killer nu-metal anthem as we get Adam’s rich, indulgent vocals accompanied by slick riffs and precision snare hits. A tight, pounding anthem that slams live.

Winchester keep the listener on their toes. You never know what is around the corner, from devastating chugs to Lamb Of God-style licks. The layers of sound and sheer musicality is astounding, the combination of clean, harsh and gang vocals brings the track crashing down to earth and hitting hard. The whole track is tied neatly together with crystal clear production that still allows space for the grungier moments to shine.

The music feels heavier than previous releases and more driven by the band member’s personal experiences. A window into their lives off-stage. I recently got the opportunity to sit down with Scott, Max and Adam at the Carved Dive in Bromley ahead of their set, and had a chat about their new track, upcoming releases and a snowball fight in a club.

ALI | What inspired the visuals and subject matter for the video?

ADAM | It’s a post apocalyptic future essentially, and that stems from our fears and everyone else’s fears that something bad could happen. It’s very much at the same time an anti-suicide and survival song, so it kinda works together in that sense. The visual universe will carry onto the next universe; it’s all about reaching out to survivors and creating community.

ALI | I agree, it’s really interesting to use music videos as canon to make a story, near Danger Days-esque. Have you got more videos packed in for the EP that’s coming?

SCOTT | Yes it’s all continuing from each other, it’s all in the same universe, they’re all quite different, so the next video is going to be very different.

ADAM | The crew in the video carries on.

MAX | We hone in on each person in the crew at some point too, be nice build up some character profile for those that feature in the video.

ALI | So it is going to be a concept EP?

SCOTT | Essentially. The video universe ties in the concept more.

ALI | In the past you have compared yourself to bands such as Thrice and Alexisonfire, and having had a look at Max’s inspiration playlist I saw a huge range of bands from Animals As Leaders, Northlane and even Take That? 

SCOTT | It’s mainly Gary Barlow mate.

ALI | What strands from those bands influenced ‘Into You’?

ADAM | We don’t consciously draw on anything, we absorb.

SCOTT | We absorb; bits of all of it find their way to the music.

MAX | There was no specific goal, we always write music that we like.

SCOTT | We always write music that we want to write.

ALI | The range surprised me the most.

SCOTT | It’s so easy to get pigeonholed into one genre, when you’re listening to music you can get into very niche things. Fuck genres, merge as many as you can, and make something new.

ALI | I was going to ask you what genre you identified with?

ADAM | We’d like to make one up, we were thinking prog-punk.

SCOTT | Kinda proggy, kinda punky.

SCOTT | We’ve been talking about doing a Jesus of Suburbia type-piece.

ADAM | Or an EP that is just a song. That would be fun.

ALI | I saw you guys played a Facedown event? How was that as an experience?

ADAM | Really interesting, I’ve not been to a big club night in a long time… It was at Christmas as well? There was a karaoke section…

SCOTT | …a snowball fight…

MAX | …there was a guy who was the most wasted I’ve ever seen dressed up as the Grinch.

SCOTT | [It was] very different to a normal gig, as everyone is so drunk. It got messy.

ALI | I’ve seen you’ve played with Dream State, Loathe and Caspian before, was that good fun?

SCOTT | We’ve played with them [Dream State] a couple of times.

ALI | So if you could support any existing band, which band would they be? It doesn’t have to be the be all and end all.

ADAM | Probably Muse because they play huge shows and are the best live band.

MAX AND ADAM | System Of A Down.

SCOTT | I’m gonna go for a slightly smaller band; Black Peaks.

ALL 3 | Biffy Clyro and Northlane would all be sick.

ALI | So when will we next see you? Any upcoming gigs or festival plans?

ADAM | We’ll be in London soon for sure.

SCOTT | We’ve got shows in Bristol, Swansea, Bridgewater, Leicester, Salisbury… more shows are booked but we they’re not announced yet, but more music is coming out soon.

ALI | Thanks guys, best of luck for the future.


The new EP Power (I/O)  is slated to be released later in the year. Watch this space.


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