“Bedroom pop make way for bedroom post-punk, pioneered by L’objectif.”

16-year-old Leeds-based duo Saul Kane and Louis Bullock have dropped yet another spine-tingling single. Their musical project, L’objectif, began when the pair were twelve (yes twelve!) and since those early beginnings, Saul and Louis have released three exceptional singles, with Burn Me Out set to make it four. Completely DIY in the most literal and profound sense of the word, the young duo have created gripping and well-rounded soundscapes from the inside of their bedrooms. Saul and Louis not only create all of the sounds devilling into your eardrums but produce, master and promote their creations too. Bedroom pop make way for bedroom post-punk, pioneered by L’objectif.

Taking influence from Sonic Youth and the Talking Heads, Burn Me Out fits neatly into L’objectif’s already established sound. Following on from their last release Cinematic, Burn Me Out takes the listener on a slightly more upbeat and summery journey, with tight but at times fuzzy drum beats underlying sanguine and reverb-ridden guitar slicks. The result is a track that is more than the sum of its parts, a beautifully layered sonic landscape that lets you fall but catches you the second before you hit the ground.

Saul’s dulcet and wispy vocals detail a girl, who “never comes down”, but the lyrics are not the main event. They are an adequate sideshow to an otherwise headline performance from the sophisticated fusion of the guitar, drums and bass.

L’objectif have produced in Burn Me Out a track that is more mature and well thought out than work by artists double their age, and their tenacity and novelty should be welcomed into the industry with open arms.

With each release, Saul and Louis are consistently proving that they are ones to watch in the world of alternative music. Don’t write them off because of their youth, instead, embrace and engage with it. I have no doubt that L’objectif will be headlining venues before their teens are over (Covid-permitting, obviously).

Burn Me Out comes out on Friday 23 October. Follow Visceral Records and L’Objectif’s socials (below) to be the first to hear it.