“A welcome dissociation from the chaos outside.”


Take a quick glance at the Oxford-based trio Sleeper Service and you are met with two realisations. Their forest-dwelling, folklore-era indie exterior is but a window to their soulful post-bedroom pop, and Tom only owns one pair of jeans.

With a genre spanning discography that has bounded from guitar driven ballads like Cadmium to breakout pop infused hit Almond Butter, the next step was never going to be predictable. But the appearance of the goosebump forming, minimalist new track Saturate has marked a sober change in direction for the group. Treading into texture heavy territory, their slower paced selves create a lucid landscape for day dreamers and night owls alike, leaning into a more production-rich sound and coming out the other side with a far more fully formed piece of music than ever before.

Unexpected chord progressions keep the track interesting without detracting from the effortless feeling of flow that ruminates in the brave four and a half minute moment. The heavily isolated vocal passages resonate deeper than previous releases, highlighting the move to a more somber thematic narrative. Confined to their in-house studio, they have created an insular moment to draw in any unsuspecting listeners to their comfort cocoon – a welcome dissociation from the chaos outside.

Check out Saturate here.