“Transcending the dog-eared pages of their manga, the characters become real life people and personalities. Here we are met with the 6 piece that is Derelict.”


Since late 2019, a noticeable paradigm shift has occurred in the output of the heavy music scene. Everything is seemingly more fuelled with rage. Pure uncontrollable rage. From the release of Dealer’s bone crushing Saint EP, to Void of Vision’s Hyperdaze, Varials In Darkness and Current’s steamrolling singles, there is a change in the house of flies. There is a new wave of frenzied, morbid and quite honestly devastating heavy music and it’s grabbing the scene by the throat. I’m always one for brutality but I remember thinking Parkway Drive’s Boneyards was the heaviest song I was ever going to hear. Derelict are here to reassert the dogma.

Drawing inspiration from indie manga comics, namely “The Red Hand Of Wrath”, a comic which is created and written by the band members themselves, Derelict are constantly seeking inspiration and it shows in their music. Transcending the dog-eared pages of their manga, the characters become real life people and personalities. Here we are met with the 6 piece that is Derelict.

Brand new single Karma is a progressive metalcore maelstrom of noise. Groovy djent rhythms fill out the sound, accompanied by the frenetic drumming of Tom “Asura” Hards. Blessed with dual harsh vocalists Gregor “X” MacMillan and Brad “Ø” Jones, their voices play off each other and maintain the pace of the track through their aggressive call and repeat lines. To add insult to injury we are graced with the harrowing vocals of Dealer’s Aidan Holmes – a menage à trois of brutality. Tempo changes nearing the middle of the brief track are beautifully executed without being gimmicky, instead throwing us deeper into the rabbit hole and bringing the chaos to a more than satisfying conclusion.

Speaking to Dead Press, the band said “Karma is a vision of the past that sparks a thirst for revenge. Every action has a consequence and whatever goes around must come back around; and the cycle will repeat.”. It is evident that Derelict care about the message behind their music and plan on continuing this in future releases.

Echoing Dealer with wailing guitar noises and carefully placed harmonics it pays homage to an obvious inspiration without becoming a copycat doomed for metalcore landfill. Amid the unique comic book inspiration, dual vocalists and throbbing grooves, Derelict are a formidable force with a unique diversity within the distortion.

A teasingly short song coming in at 2:17, this is the only taste of Derelict as of yet and I’m hungry for more. Rumour has it an album entitled The Sound of Ruin is set to release in summer 2020 – sounds likes your quarantine soundtrack is about to get a facelift.


Dealer | Scolds | Lotus Eater



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